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There's not a lot to know about me. Or at least not a lot that I'm willing to share on the internet. I run a couple of small businesses and enjoy exploring the remote parts of Great Britain whenever I get chance. If you'd like to delve further into my work and other projects head to the 'more information' section below. You can find me on Facebook if you really want. Although I'm not linking to my profile. I'll let you try and find it, it's more fun that way.

More Information

Phone : (+44) 012 345 6789001

Address : England

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Even More Information

Avango Couriers

2014 - Present

Avango is my main business. A courier company based near Manchester in the North West of England that primarily handles commercial delivery work. We work directly with businesses that require distribution of goods around the UK. There is no typical load - we can carry anything from plumbing supplies to paintings, electronics to exhibition stands.

Couriers TV

2018 - Present

After a couple of years working as a courier, I realised two things. 1 - I enjoyed it, and 2 - Couriers love to talk about courier work. So I created Couriers TV as a way to connect the conversation. Help other drivers learn about what can make the job easier, more profitable and enjoyable.

Couriers In UK Directory

2020 - Present

An extension to Couriers TV. I had always planned to add a dedicated business directory to the CTV website to support couriers and help them get better coverage online and in the search results. But it seemed like a bigger task than I was planning when I tried to implement it to the CTV site. So instead I created a seperate site that could be managed on its own or ditched if the project failed.

Manchester Design

2019 - Present

I actually walked away from design work in 2012. I had grown tired of the daily grind sitting in an office and working on computers all day long. But I think in life it's a good idea to have a backup plan. And what with Coronavirus causing changes in the way the world works, it left me thinking that delivery work might not always be so easy and enjoyable. Manchester Design (or MCR Design for short) is my initial effort at a bit of security. I actually enjoyed thinking about design again whilst making it, but it's not intended to be a primary project right now.

Stupefied - The Worlds Weirdest Blog

2019 - Present

This is my alter-ego. A place where I can try things out, write stuff, and generally be a different person for an hour or two each week. I've found a healthy balance in my life by letting one version of me behave differently to the 'Professional' me. Hey - Some people have affairs, some people commit crimes... all I do is make websites. So there.