Thank you for visiting my website. As you may have guessed, I’m Stuart Drinkwater. Interestingly enough though, I’m not the ONLY one, and you might not have the right person. There are at least 9 of us around the world that I know of. You’ll probably need to read more of my website to get the information you need to confirm my identity.

I don’t know what brought you here, although it’s probably some form of stalking. You’re either an ex, a former friend or someone from the business world trying to research me. I don’t mind which. You have your reasons.

Now for those of you that DON’T already know me…

There’s not a lot to know about me, but what I’m willing to share on the internet you can find in these few pages.

I run a couple of small businesses and enjoy exploring the remote parts of Great Britain whenever I get chance.

You can find me on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn if you really want. Although I’m not linking to my profiles. I’ll let you try and find which one is mine, it’s more fun that way.

In the meantime, remember it’s always good to drink water