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I know what you’re thinking: This guy must be famous, right?

Drinkwater by name, drinks water by nature.

The first question you’re going to ask is “I wonder if he does?” And the answer is of course, yes. I mean how am I supposed to exist if I don’t consume any water?

Of course, you weren’t thinking logically at the time when that question popped into your tiny mind. You were just trying to be funny. The bad news is, you’re 50 years late to the party. Every ‘Drinkwater’ that exists on the planet today has heard that joke about 15,000 times already.

Introduction to Stuart of the Drinkwaters

Interestingly, I’m not the ONLY Stuart Drinkwater on earth. And if you were looking for a specific one of us, then it’s worth figuring out if you’re in the right place.

There are at least 9 of us around the world that I know of. You’ll probably need to read more of my website to get the information you need to confirm my identity.

To make it easier for you to figure out which one I am, I’ll at least let you know which one I’m NOT.

  • I’m NOT the Stuart Drinkwater that stole money from his own Dad.
  • I’m also NOT the Stuart Drinkwater that got done for stalking.


I mean come on lads, you’re really letting the team down now.

With those two removed, you have roughly a 1-in-7 chance of getting the right person. That’s way better odds than the lottery.

Maybe I’m the one that should be worried though. I mean I don’t know what brought you here, and it’s probably some form of stalking. You’re either an ex, a former friend or someone from the business world trying to research me.

I don’t mind which. You have your reasons. But I’m quite easy to talk to, so whatever your reasons, why don’t you just contact me and have a conversation?

Where do we go from here?

You got yourself into this mess. I’ll show you how to get out with 3 simple options.


If I AM the one that you were looking for...

Then congratulations, you’ve now found my official website. Don’t expect a prize though. I didn’t ask you to come here, and more often than not the people looking for me rarely do anything nice for me, so I tend to reciprocate whatever intentions people show towards me. Bring me agro, I’ll bring it back. Bring me good stuff, I’ll do it for you too.


If I'm NOT the one you're looking for...

The you really should leave immediately. There’s no point in confusing matters any more than they already are by having a second Stuart Drinkwater in your life. That would be a level of craziness even I’m not ready for. And I kind of enjoy crazy (just check out my website for proof).


You don't know me, but have decided you want to...

You’re a brave soul that likes to piss into the wind, stare down the barrel of the gun and all that. I commend your bravery. Let’s take this to the next level. All you need to do is contact me. You can find me on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn if you really want. It’s the only way to contact me as I’m not giving out my email address, and adding email forms to this website is just far too much effort for me right now.

Make a Donation

Help me find the time to write more about my life, or other weird and ridiculous articles by giving me money so that I don’t need to go out in the real world. It’s safer for everyone.

Or Buy Something

If you don’t want to donate, you could buy something from the water shop instead. I take a small referral fee whenever anyone uses my links. Every little really does help. Thank you!

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Something to think about before you go...

It’s not just a name, it’s also great advice. Just ask these boffins who want to remind you it’s always good to stay hydrated