The Best Moments of 2018

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Personal Best Moments

My first time in ‘proper’ central London.

Now this may seem a bit of an odd one really. I run a professional courier service business and we’ve delivered countless loads to the capital.

I myself have done many runs to the Greater London area. It’s just that, until this year, I had never actually driven into the true city centre (generally considered to be the congestion zone).

Part of the reason for my hesitance to head into the centre is the traffic and the fact that a lot of our work is ‘sub-contract’, which means we don’t get paid as much as if the customer had come direct to us.

When your money is reduced, the best way to operate is to stay out of the traffic whenever possible – time lost in traffic eats up your fuel and reduces your margins.

But this particular job was well paid, so off I went, with my team mate (my Dad) as support for navigation / food supply and what we call ‘speed photography’ – that’s where he takes tourist photos whilst we’re on the move.

That was a great day out indeed.

Night Driving & The Barn Owl

Couriers have to drive at all times of day and night, in all kinds of weather and to/from any location the customer requires.

I try to make the best of each situation though, and turn each job in to an adventure. I love night driving as it makes everywhere seem more dramatic, although it requires a lot more skill and concentration than the daytime.

A few months ago we were delivering 2/3 times a week from Rochdale to Ilkeston (Derbyshire), and decided to get there the quick way (motorway) but come back a different route each night to make it more interesting.

On one night we cut through the winding roads of the Peak district and whilst negotiating a double-back bend down a steep slope, something caught my eye.

I could see a shape moving just above the ground but with it being 10pm at night nothing seemed to make sense, until it flew a little closer and I could see it was a Barn Owl.

It didn’t seem to be bothered by the noise of my van at all. It continued to use the breeze to hover over the edge of the road looking for prey. I slowed to a crawl and watched, until it moved on into the darkness.

Business Best Moments

Website Successes

After 6 years running a courier business, a previous 3 years working in a studio in Bolton doing a mixture of design/web tasks whilst trying to develop my own websites, I have never had anything rank in the top 5 on Google before.

I now have 2 sites ranking very well, and part of that is due to (drum-roll please)…

Hiring ‘Tasmin the Blogger’ (aka Grandiose Days)

Okay I hope labelling her as ‘Tasmin the Blogger‘ isn’t considered a derogatory term. It’s just the way I refer to her when talking to other people. It encapsulates who she is and what she does.

Earlier this year, in one of the few spare moments I found myself with at the time, I was browsing around on social media and read a post about Milan.

Having been there myself it brought back some memories and an almost ‘Eureka’ like moment of inspiration. Why don’t I just hire someone to write content for my websites?

Whilst I can write some things myself, I have always struggled with structured, focused content. I usually just let my mind wander and my hands type whatever they like (you can probably tell).

So I contacted Tasmin at Grandiose Days to see if she wrote content for other people/businesses.

It’s one of the few moments that has gone right for me this year. All the content she has written for Couriers TV & Avango Couriers has been fantastic. It’s had a serious effect on bringing traffic to my sites.

Once the Christmas kerfuffle has passed and my budget for 2019 is clearer, I am looking forward to working with her again on even more projects.

World Best Moments

You know what? I can’t really pick out any major moments from this year right now. Maybe the youth football team rescued from a cave is one of the most memorable.

Although the incredible long, dry spell of weather we had earlier this year also stick in my memory as I hadn’t seen anything like that since I was a child.

Other Best Moments

People using social media less, any moment where people come together to help each other, the Government finally admitting potholes are a problem.

Now you’ve read the best of my 2018, have you seen the worst?

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