The Truth Countdown Timer

If you want to encourage a response, set a deadline.

It's now or never.

This year things are about to change forever.

It’s a fact that many people expect, or at least hope, that the world is just. That good things happen to good people. That society and our laws are there to make the world safe and fair for everyone.

Unfortunately, that’s nonsense.

When you have experienced enough of life for yourself, you will come to realise: The bad guys sometimes win, and the goods guys sometimes lose.

But patience is all you need. Wait for your moment.

You may only need to wait a day. In my case I’ve had to wait 18 years.

Soon my wait will be over. I hope we’ll have the chance to talk.

Hey you there! Are you a person connected to this mystery and want a chance to STOP THE CLOCK!? Then you should play ‘True Lies’ for your chance at redemption.