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I like to write. You’ll realise that if you stick around long enough. The problem is that I don’t have any interest in writing long novels, so I tend to create anything from short stories to articles where I present my own take on conspiracy theories.

Most of the articles here are introspective, philosophical and very opinionated. Wow. There’s 3 big words I never thought I write in one sentence. Look at me go! Others are probably a bit too bizarre or off the wall for most people. Sometimes I like to question the fabric of reality, and do a deep-dive into what’s really making the world turn.

This isn’t your Grandma’s knitting blog.

I called this The Rabbit Hole as it’s a common phrase (commonly believed to come from Alice in Wonderland) used by conspiracy theorist’s when they want to investigate a mystery.

Disclaimer: Anything you read here you do so at your own risk. I accept no responsibility if you find yourself wearing a foil hat and telling people “the government did it”.

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