About Me

If you’re going to stalk me, learn the facts about me and do it right.

This is my life. It's mediocre and that's exactly the way I like it.

A few years ago there used to be a TV show called ‘This is your life’.

It was basically a way for famous people to get a huge pat-on-the-back (for being rich and famous) and they would be shown a highlights reel of the major achievements in their lives.

Occasionally they would celebrate a pleb or two, just to keep the novelty value going. Things like this are terrible to watch, but lots of people still did. Probably because we all like to take a peek at other people’s lives occasionally.

Anyway, this page is my own ‘This is your life’ to me. I’ll keep adding bits as I think of them, because that’s life really – new things are always happening.

Things I've Achieved

40+ Years and Counting

It’s often overlooked by people, but 40 years is no short chunk of time.

Well I guess it’s a matter of perspective. If you’re talking about how long ago the Dinosaurs lived, then 40 years is nothing. But if you’re sitting watching paint dry it’s an eternity.

Surviving Other People

This is a bizarre and often dangerous world we live in. Even the people that aren’t out to get us, are sometimes not on our side.

I’ve had plenty of enemies, and more than my fair share of friends that turned out to be worse than my enemies. And then there are girlfriends and the joy of relationships. I don’t know what I did to deserve the things I was put through by certain women, but I’ve got some great stories for when I get round to writing a book, which is on my to-do list.

Surviving everything they put me through has been a major win.

Things I've Created

Avango Couriers

Avango is my main business. A courier company based near Manchester in the North West of England that primarily handles commercial delivery work.

We work directly with businesses that require distribution of goods around the UK. There is no typical load – we can carry anything from plumbing supplies to paintings, electronics to exhibition stands.

Couriers TV

After a couple of years working as a courier, I realised two things. 1 – I enjoyed it, and 2 – Couriers love to talk about courier work.

So I created Couriers TV as a way to connect the conversation. Help other drivers learn about what can make the job easier, more profitable and enjoyable.

Things Related to Me

Single and No Interest in a Mingle

Well as the subtitle suggests, there’s not much to add here. I’m single, have been for a while and I like my life that way. I have no interest in relationships any more. There’s a peace that’s almost impossible to find any other way than being on your own.

Son to parents, brother to a brother

I have amazing parents and an equally amazing brother. That’s all you need to know.

Offspring Unknown

I may or may not have a kid, can’t confirm that as I never managed to get the paternity test I wanted.

Things I Like

Quotes. The Seasons. Sunshine. Frosty mornings. Travelling by road. Sandwiches. Birds. Vans. Taking Photos of random stuff. Deep thinking. The USA. Americans. Watching videos of cyclists falling off their bikes. Entry-level philosophy. Winding people up that deserve it. Being the thorn in someone’s side.

Things I Don't Like

Cats. Heights. Crowds. Poverty. Politicians. Lies. Users. Blackpool. Europe. Europeans. Flying. Enclosed Spaces. Other people’s kids. Other people. Corruption. Cheaters (not to be confused with Cheetahs or Cheeters). 

Things I'm Good At

Driving cars and vans. Riding (motorcycles). Computery-techy-type-stuff. Farting. Procrastination. Changing my mind. Forgetting things I tell myself not to forget. Writing short sentences. Writing long sentences. Cooking. Time management and organisation. Revenge. Private Investigations.