The Game

The game you play when you want to stop your ex from telling your son the truth and ruining your lies.

We all make mistakes in life.
But sometimes they come back to bite us.

Sometimes people do things that, in the moment, don’t seem so bad. We act on impulse. Let our emotions and our desires lead us astray.

At least they do if you’re a trash-bag human who has no respect for anyone else.

Unfortunately the problem with that is that it can end up hurting other people and destroying lives.

And it gets even worse when one of those lives belongs to the kind of person some might call a “tenacious f*cker”. Someone that will just not ever let go. That never stops fighting to prove he was right even 18 years later.

That f*cker is me.

One day the past will come knocking

Anyone else who’d done what she’s done would expect the past to find them. They would spend every day looking over their shoulder.

But not her.

You see, it’s in the nature of who she is. She sees herself as being so superior to everyone that there’s no way any of her victims would dare to challenge her.

There's a way to fix this. Let's play a game

Enough of the backstory now.

Let’s look to the future. I’m looking forward to his 18th birthday so that I can legally attempt to contact him and see if there’s a way for us to open a door to get to know each other.

The problem with that is, I know that’s the LAST thing his mother would want. And she’ll probably try absolutely anything to stop it.

With that in mind, I’ve created this to give her a chance to get out of a sticky situation before it even happens.

It's a simple multiple-choice question game. Get it right, I stay gone.

Yup. It really is that easy. You answer the following questions and if you get them ALL right, I’ll give you a guarantee that I will never mention the boy ever again and will never, ever contact you or him.

Does that sound like a prize worth winning?

I thought so.

Let's get started.

As you can see there are a few questions below.

All you have to do is select the right answer.

When you’re finished click submit to send your answers through.

Your answers will be verified by the assessor (that’s me).

You only need to score 99% or higher to pass.

Quiz 01
What was the schocking revelation you said to me moments after our relationship went to 'more than just friends'?
How many abortions did you claim you'd had when we first started dating?
How many abortions did you tell the Doctor's you'd had when we had to get the scans after the 'spotting' incident?
How many other men were you sleeping with at the same time as me?
How many copies of (the boy's) ultrasound scans did you let me have?
How did you respond when you found out I wanted a paternity test?
What colour was the car you stole from me?
How much money did you steal from me during the time we were together? (Include the value of the car)
How much did I pay in child support between 2011 and 2013?
When I stopped paying, you sent me a bizarre email (which of course I still have). What did it say?
And what would you have done if I'd acted ask requested?
What happened next?
You recently claimed "Stuart has sworn blind that (the boy) isn't his" - so how do you explain all the emails, written letters and recorded whatsapp messages I have from you during 2011-2013?
So why would you claim that I "swore blind (the boy)* is not mine"
Finally then - what do YOU want to happen now?