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Hydrate like a pro

It can’t really surprise anyone that a lot of the products I’ve chosen for my shop are water related. It is, after all, the foundation of our very existence. So please enjoy having a browse through these quality water and drinking items and buy something to make your life even better.

Water Bottles and Fancy Water

What more could you need in life than water? And what better way to store it, than in a bottle? Exactly. Here are some great water bottles. And some water to put in them. I know you can get water from a tap (the kids in school always pointed that out to me), but this is fancy water. It comes straight from rocks and stuff like that.

Homewares and Kitchen Appliances

Want to take your water consumption to the next level? Then why not buy a kettle? It makes your water hot so that you can create things like hot Tea and Coffee.

Tea and Coffee Supplies

This is professional level drinkery now. Tea and Coffee are typically consumed by well educated adults, like me. We ingest it while snearing at the plebs who can only consume canned drinks because they have not mastered the fine art of placing a tea-bag in some hot water.

If you want to really feel superior to other people, what some of us do is sit in coffee shops whilst pretending to read the news, but we’re actually just looking over the top of our newspapers or devices and people-watching instead.

Canned Drinks

Ignore what I just said about people that drink from cans being Plebs. There’s nothing wrong with being a Pleb. Especially if you get to consume a nice refreshing can of ‘Dr. Funk’. After all, the band ‘Extreme’ taught us back in the ’90s to ‘Get the Funk out’.

This is not exactly a shop. All items are for sale on Amazon through 3rd party retailers. I am not involved in the sales process and cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from any transactions. I do however stand to make a small fee from advertising Amazons services and get paid a small amount for transactions arising from sales made as a result of clicking on the above links. I mean we’re literally talking pence rather than pounds, so don’t freak out.