Couriers TV

The Essential Resource Hub for Couriers. Very little to do with TV’s

"Talk about your business", they said...

Okay nobody actually said that either! But couriers LOVE to talk. I think it’s because we spend so many hours in our vans that when we meet other people we just can’t shut up. So I made a website about delivery work and called it Couriers TV.

Disrupting a whole industry

One of the biggest problems I found with the industry is that there are lots of fake or poor quality services that will charge for access, and then fail to provide the service they promise.

The most common of these is courier work exchange websites. My solution to this? To review all the available services and give people an honest, valid users perspective.

And from that point on, the whole project started to grow. The service now looks at all aspects that affect courier work, from accounting to software, tax advice, insurance, fuel cards and much more.

Courier Information Services / Media Business

When I first started as a same day courier I spent a lot of time searching for advice to help build my business. Which work exchange websites should I join? What equipment do I need? What’s the best type of van to purchase?

The trouble was that not much information was available. And the information that was available, was spread around on so many different websites it took a long time to find.

So with that in mind, I created Couriers TV to be a hub where I could pull as much information and advice together for other drivers and those interested in becoming couriers.

Updates for 2022 and the future of this project

The creation of Couriers TV has been a slow and steady road, but I’m proud of what I have created so far and believe it can be a great asset to the courier industry. New partners are coming onboard all the time and the brand image is starting to gain its own strength.

The first months of 2022 have seen huge leaps forward in monetising the site and finding ways to bring it to a wider audience.

I made a little video

This one is slightly less awful than the video I made for Avango, but still I am progressing all the time and my video are getting better. Well, I think they are.