Did I just find the answer to making F1 exciting again?

I think I may have just come up with the answer that Formula 1 really needs right now. So if anyone reading this happens to have a way to contact those in power, let me know.

Let’s do some background work first.

F1 is boring. Even though it’s supposed to be the best of the best, the most elite motorsport there is, it’s just become a predicable procession.

There is no racing to speak of. And that’s what it’s supposed to be about in the end… RACING.

Formula 1 cars on a grid at the start of a race with crowds cheering

At least it used to be.

You attract fans to a sport when they don’t know what the outcome is going to be. It’s the excitement of the battle and the joy or disappointment when the event is decided that keeps us coming back for more.

Here are the main F1 issues right now;

  • It’s unbelievably boring
  • Fans will leave due to the same person winning every week
  • Teams are also complaining of too many race weekends

So what’s my answer to making Formula 1 more enjoyable for fans to watch?

I think that it could be incredibly simple and with almost no cost to make a change that would breathe new life into F1.

This is my one rule I think should be brought in from 2025-onwards

There will still be 24 race weekends in the season


Teams are only allowed to compete in a MAXIMUM of 22 of those events.
Each team gets to choose which rounds they want to compete in. Possibly nominating one event at the start of the season, and you can choose one at short notice throughout the year.

Think of all the things this would improve...

  • It would guarantee from the start of the season that at least 2 GP Races will be won by someone other than whoever is the unstoppable superstar that year
  • It would help smaller teams with the cost of logistics, parts etc – imagine being able to drop the next round after your car was damaged in a crash so that you have time to rebuild/replace parts etc?
  • Any teams that have nothing to fight for at the end of the year could drop out – this would leave a clearer track for championship challengers to compete without risk of a 3rd party affecting the outcome by mistake
  • Reduced emissions with fewer cars at some race weekends, as well as reduced logistics emissions from fewer travelled miles for teams.
  • Staff get more time at home with families with 2 weekends off

What’s stopping this from happening?

Well it’s not easy for such a massive corporate machine to make changes. There’s a lot of money involved with this sport. When the stakes are this high, it requires conversations and plans before changes can be made.

There’s a lot to consider, such as letting fans down in certain countries and keeping your corporate sponsors happy.

But I think this is the simplest path forwards to making this once great sport something that people actually WANT to watch again. Because right now, it’s dying a slow, painful death, and that can’t be good for anyone involved, let alone those businesses that stand to lose millions when people stop watching.

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