Fresh starts, new beginnings

I’ve decided it’s time to start over new, begin afresh. Clean slate and all that jazz.

I’ve created my own personal-brand website before, but had shut it down a couple of years ago after I got bored. That happens a lot. And remaking things when I decide to try again – that happens a lot too.

So here’s to my latest ‘new beginning’. Although much like many of the others, there’s no real concrete idea for what I want to achieve here. There’s a rough outline, but that’s about it.

Mostly it’s because there have been a lot of updates in the world of WordPress and I need to tinker with the switches and knobs to see what they do. Web design can be a confusing world even when nobody moves the goalposts. But they move the goalposts every few months, which makes it even more difficult to keep up when it’s not your full time role.

There’s a lot of new stuff happening right now

You’ve caught me at an interesting time in my life. There’s so much going on I might be making a mistake in adding to it by working on this site too. But that’s for me to decide. I actually like challenges when they are of my own creation. It’s a carrot and stick that I control for myself.

I have one main business, but that has other ‘side’ businesses that are starting to see real growth and gathering interest.

And a few months ago I came up with an idea for another ‘side’ business, but totally separate from the main one above. That’s taking a while to really finesse into what I want, but by applying some patience at this stage I think it will work better in the long run.

The difference is, I don’t make this look good

People often say “Play to your strengths”. Well maybe not people, but I’ve either seen or heard that somewhere and I like it. So with that in mind I’m going to be creating a brand that plays to one of my strengths – looks. Or specifically a lack thereof.

I still haven’t come up with a brand name I’m completely happy with. Which also means there’s no logo to show you either. Which also means there’s no website. So the project is mostly in my head, and a little bit in Illustrator. But it won’t take long to get it all together once I finalise those (somewhat important) last few pieces.

Stay tuned.

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