My Name Is So Great They Made A Movie About Me

So suck on that haters. Yes, you… all of you that thought it was nothing more than a bit of fun for you to laugh at. All of you with such boring names that people forget you.

Do any of you have a movie titled in your name? Do you have a terrible song with your name in? Do you have a Premier League Footballer with the same name as you? Most of you can’t answer yes to all 3 of those. So drink it up people. Drinkwater is the name to have in 2022.

Now I’ll be honest I had no idea this movie existed until I started looking into the report of what terms people had used to find my website and there had been a few searches for the term ‘Drinkwater movie’. And I thought that was a bit odd. I’m aware of there being a character with the name Drinkwater in a film some years ago, and I just assumed that was what people had been searching for.

Little did I know, there was an ACTUAL FLIPPING MOVIE with my name emblazoned in glorious technicolour on the poster.

Do I get Royalties Or What?

It’s highly unlikely that I’m actually going to make any money off the back of this. I mean I’m not the only one with this incredible name (see the homepage for starters) and I had absolutely no input into the movie. I’ve not even seen it yet. But I will. Oh yes, this will be one movie that I will add to my bucket list to watch. And even if it’s truly awful, I’ll watch it to the end.

If they want to make Drinkwater 2 then I’m happy to throw my hat in the ring – either as an actor (which I’ve never been), or as a consultant or anything really. If it makes me money and gives me a talking point that I can brag about then I’m down with it.

It’s All Starting To Get A Bit Surreal

When I resurrected this website, I didn’t have a plan. I just wanted to a basic site that I could add some content to and that I could use to try out a few things (web design/development type stuff) from time to time. It’s not a good idea to use your company website as a test-bed, so use something that doesn’t really matter if it goes wrong instead.

Then I started to let the ‘real’ me out of the cage. I let my personality off the leash and decided to flow with wherever the energy took me. And I like it. It’s probably a bit like therapy. I can say what I like, do what I like and who gives a floating-turd if people don’t like it? Not me.

But it’s taken me down a bit of a wild Rabbit-hole lately. Finding more and more things related to my name, and using them to promote myself. I remember some years ago a television show called “Are You Dave Gorman?“. And it feels like I’m heading in that direction almost by accident.

When I added the Water Shop it was just a bit of fun, but now it might actually be one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.

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