Countdown Timer to The Unknown

I have created a countdown timer. But I’m not telling anyone what it relates to. Why? Well, the fact that only I know is part of the fun.

Have you ever seen the movie ‘The Box’ with Cameron Diaz? If you haven’t, then please stop reading now as this article may contain spoilers. You have been given fair warning.

Would you push a button if you didn’t know the consequences?

Right then, I’m assuming all you that haven’t seen The Box have now left? Good.

In the movie, a married couple get a visit from a stranger carrying a box with a button in.

The button doesn’t seem to be connected to anything, but Cameron Diaz(‘s character) is informed that if she presses the button she will be given $1,000,000.

But there is a down side. Someone, somewhere in the world will die.

It’s a test. To see how much you value life over money. To see if you can resist the temptation and put other people first instead of giving in to greed.

It’s also completely irrelevant. I just like the movie.

The point of this article and my ‘countdown timer’ actually has very little to do with the movie in question.

The only relevance it has, is that the fundamental secret behind the timer is only known by me.

I just needed to write this content so that I’d have an easy way to link to the timer and so that I can find it easily again in the future when I want to.

Bookmarking it in my browser would also work, but I have 000’s of bookmarks and I rarely go back to any of them.

So what conclusions can we draw from this article?
1) I have created a countdown timer
2) I am the only person that knows what it’s about
3) It does have an intended purpose

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