Why we should all say ‘Thank you, next’ more often

Do your eyes work? How about your hearing, is that okay? We’ll if the answer is yes to either of those questions then you have more than likely seen or heard the new Ariana Grande song “Thank u, next”.

If you haven’t, then I’ve included a way to see the video below. (Parental Advisory: Contains bad language, so don’t play it if you’re only a kid).

Thank U For The Message

Now I’m the first person to admit that I don’t often get the messages in songs. I need them to be really obvious otherwise it takes me years to actually figure out what the artist was really on about.

Luckily with this, I think it’s quite straightforward, I hope (Although now I’ll probably get a load of messages about it meaning something totally different to what I thought).

As I understand it, it’s about learning from each relationship you have, whether good or bad.

Each person we meet brings something different to the table and we can learn about them, ourselves and life in general. And if, or when, the relationship comes to an end, be thankful for what you learned from that person and move on.

Of course, sometimes it’s worth trying to fix things too.

Not all relationships are lost causes and not all broken phones should be binned, but you need to be able to understand the difference.

There’s often a very fine line between something worth saving and something that will never be fully fixed.

The Many Places We Learn From

This is a good thing to apply to more of our lives, not just our boyfriend/girlfriend type relationships.

When we’re young, many of us think the friendships we have as kids will last forever, and in some cases that’s true. But there are also many of us that will drift apart and make new friends, whilst being grateful for everything we learnt and experienced with the previous ones.

You can also say ‘Thank u, next’ (as the Ariana song spells it) to teachers, colleagues and even in my case, vehicles, computers, pets…the list is a long one.

I include objects in that list for my own personal reasons. My long time workhorse, Vicky the Van, is close to retirement now. I am thankful for all the adventures I’ve had with her, but it’s time for the next one.

The Summary

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that whenever something comes to its conclusion, such as a relationship with a person (or an object), whether you’ve tried to fix it and it hasn’t worked –  or you think it’s best not to fix, then in the end it’s okay to say thank you, and move along.

No bitterness, no sour grapes or sly insults.

Be happy and continue your journey.

Thank U Ariana.Next 😉

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