Life Highlights

Surviving Past 40

It’s often overlooked by people, but 40 years is no short chunk of time. Well I guess it’s a matter of perspective. If you’re talking about how long ago the Dinosaurs lived, then 40 years is nothing. But if you’re sitting watching paint dry it’s an eternity.

Surviving Other People

This is a bizarre and often dangerous world we live in. Even the people that aren’t out to get us, are sometimes not on our side. I’ve had plenty of enemies, and more than my fair share of friends that turned out to be worse than my enemies.

Then there’s the girlfriends. Wow. I’ll tell you some stories about them another time.

Surviving everything they put me through has been a major win.

Career Highlights

Avango Couriers

Avango is my main business. A courier company based near Manchester in the North West of England that primarily handles commercial delivery work. We work directly with businesses that require distribution of goods around the UK. There is no typical load – we can carry anything from plumbing supplies to paintings, electronics to exhibition stands.

Couriers TV

After a couple of years working as a courier, I realised two things. 1 – I enjoyed it, and 2 – Couriers love to talk about courier work. So I created Couriers TV as a way to connect the conversation. Help other drivers learn about what can make the job easier, more profitable and enjoyable.