My Manifest – Visualise The Goal, Score The Goal.

Have you ever had any experience of life coaching? Well, you’re about to. Come with me on a journey of manifestation, self exploration and enlightenment. Bring lube.

Before we get started here’s my disclaimer: I’m not a qualified life coach. I have no plans to be (on a professional level) and given the fact that so far after more than 40 years I still haven’t got my own life completely in order – but that is about to change big style in 2022.

Life Coaching is Really a Thing

I actually didn’t even realise there was such a thing as a ‘life coach‘ until about 10 years ago. The idea that someone else had their own life together so much that they were able to coach other people in how to live theirs seemed bizarre to me. I’m a naturally distrusting person, so I honestly don’t believe that many of the coaches out there are really in a position to tell anyone how to live.

I mean, look at it like sport. How many of the coaches of football teams are actually high-achieving footballers? Not many. Which means that the people at the lowest level of football are being taught how to play by people who never made it themselves. Now apply that theory to life coaching and hopefully you get where I’m coming from.

But as with much in life, everything is relative. The local pub team don’t need Alex Ferguson to coach them in order to get better, they just need someone that’s better than THEY are. So a former Vauxhall Conference league player can probably work wonders with them. So when you apply that theory to life coaching, you don’t need to be Elon Musk in order to improve someone else’s life, you just need to be doing a better job of yours than the person you’re coaching is of theirs.

Still with me?

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So What is Manifesting?

The dictionary definition of ‘manifest’ is basically ‘something that is clear and obvious to understand, or able to be seen’.

So a simple way to understand what ‘manifesting‘ is, in life coaching terms, is to think of it as turning your dreams into reality. Not via the use of a Genie, magic spell or any other form of other-worldly interference, but through settings objectives and steps in order to reach the things you want out of life.

Here’s another random way of looking at it. If you’ve ever worked in logistics then you probably have some idea of a ‘shipping manifest’. These are itemised lists that help people pick items of an order, and then confirm to everyone in the chain what has been sent.

Now imagine that you have an itemised list for the things you want from life, and all you need to do is take small steps to each box on the shelf to pick the items and put them in your life-box. Easy right?

New Years Resolution Meets Shopping List

I’m basically going to make my New Years Resolution ‘to action the manifest’. I’ve never actually been one for NYR’s because I think it’s a load of Tripe and people rarely stick to anything they say.

And for me it’s not like I’m going to do the usual generic ‘stop smoking’ things that people usually do on NYR’s. This is more targeted and defined.

I want to see this more like a shopping list with great intentions.

Much like many of us write down the things we need, go to the store, pick the items off the shelf, pay and leave. I’m going to make a list, figure out steps towards acquiring/achieving those things, action the steps, and so on…

Stuart Drinkwater Manifest 2022

  1. Create a successful commercial website
    This is already under way and will be launched soon as one of my highlights
  2. Double my wealth
    That won’t be too difficult. Now that the threat of ridiculous child-support claims are gone, I can release the hidden assets
  3. Gain 5Kgs of muscle
    The one thing I lack right now is spending enough time on the weights bench. Time for a re-doubling of the effort.
  4. Drive a fast car, fast.
    I love driving. I like driving big vans, small cars, riding motorcycles… all of it. I’ve ridden most of the fastest road bikes around, but now it’s time to have a go in the faster 4 wheeled vehicles.

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